Urgent Action Required to Save the Children of Syria

The heart-melting wrenching images of children devastated by war have taken the global community by storm. The Syrian refugee crisis has been the biggest matter of concern. Hundreds of thousands of civilians had to flee their homes to avoid the violence and brutal killings. Many died, got injured physically and mentally. Unfortunately, children are affected the most. Global support is crucial for them at this point in time.

Nearly half of the Syrian refugee population is comprised of children below the age of 18 years. They are in desperate need of help, especially those who are unaccompanied. A significant ratio of Syrian refugee children are those who are unaccompanied. These are the children who lost their parents in attacks and bombings. Some of them were separated from their parents during migration and never got united with their families. Without guardians, these children are in danger of physical and sexual abuse at several points in the migration process. They need protection, care and all the essential support that can help them recover from their traumatising experiences. You can save the children of Syria in many ways. Here are the most effective ways to help Syrian children.

  • Donate

Making donations is the first thing you can do to help those in trouble. There are dozens of organisations working in Syria to provide emergency relief and life-saving support to the Syrian refugees. Many NGOs are working day and night to deliver necessary items like food, sheltering and clothing to the refugee and IDP camps. You can donate to a child-specific programme in Syria. These programmes provide sponsorship, education and also rehabilitation to the children who have faced deep mental trauma. There are several organisations through which you can donate to a Syrian child.

  1. Foster or Adopt a Syrian Child

Thousands of unaccompanied children have made it to the borders of Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and many other countries. Dozens of child refugees arrive in the UK on a daily basis. Most of them were separated from their families. A great way to help is by providing your home to a refugee child until they find their family and reunite with them. Orphans who have lost both parents can be saved through adoption.

  1. Raise Awareness

As the influx worsens, more and more refugee children are in need of urgent help. While most of the funds collected by humanitarian organisations go towards addressing the issue at hand, NGOs mostly rely on media and public exposure in spreading out the message. At this point, you can join the herd by raising your voice for the refugee children. Awareness activities are not limited to charity events and fundraisers, but you can also raise awareness at other places. Whether it is your workplace, family or the local community, speaking for the needy can make a significant impact in saving the life of a child.

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